Welcome to Moscow Exchange Forum 2017

The seventh Exchange Forum will take place on Wednesday 5 - 7 April 2017 at Ritz Carlton Hotel in Moscow (Tverskaya St., 3)

One-on-one meetings between managers of Russian companies and institutional investors organised by Sberbank CIB will be held on April 5-7.
For more information about Sberbank CIB's one-on-one meetings "Russia: The Inside Track", please click on the link.

Vladimir PutinPresident of Russia

The non-banking financial sector should be promoted in Russia too, as this allows attracting assets of investors and households to the economy via bonds and other mechanisms…All measures should be definitely aimed at economic growth… Annual address to the Federal Assembly on 1 December 2016

Anton SiluanovMinister of Finance of the Russian Federation

Over recent years, my colleagues have made great efforts to establish financial market infrastructure. A system of institutions as good as the Western ones has been created.

Elvira NabiullinaGovernor of the Bank of Russia

Stock prices and trust in the stock market depend on the economic environment and furthermore, on corporate governance standards, protection of the rights of the minority shareholders and information disclosure. The Central Bank of Russia addresses all these issues. We successfully completed the integration of the Exchange and its transformation into a sophisticated marketplace. The Exchange has become competitive.

Alexey KudrinChairman of the Supervisory Board, Moscow Exchange

Moscow Exchange Group's mission is to facilitate economic growth and the rebalancing of the Russian economy by improving access to finance to issuers and creating an effective and transparent financial market infrastructure with diversified, competitive and integrated product offering.

Igor ShuvalovFirst Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation

Russia is purely capable of independently conducting privatisation offerings through the exchange. Some kind of import substitution has occurred. Even with regard to financial infrastructure, there is an understanding that we can make such deals absolutely independently.

Arkady DvorkovichDeputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation

НWe have managed to stabilise the situation on financial markets and maintain inflation at lower level and the unemployment rate very low… Our debt is down; despite a softly growing economy, we nonetheless expect that our stabilisation efforts help lay the foundations for growth.

Kirill DmitrievChief Executive Officer of RDIF

Moscow Exchange, one of Russian Direct Investment Fund"s equity investments, demonstrates extraordinary results. It is no wonder that IPOs take place just on the exchange… Investors are satisfied with professional competence of Russian teams; they see that the crisis is over and the economy starts recovering, so they anticipate investing in Russian stocks…

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